Major Update "Officier" and new universe

Last updated in December 29

On 01. Jan 2020, 01:00:00 by Stellaron

  • Traditions have been reworked with the new bonuses in-game. Now there is three "traditional orders" the alliance can follow: Order of Purity (focused on terraforming), Harmony (focused on research) and Supremacy.
  • Traditions can not be changed for 15 days and remains active after that period. The change of tradition is free and only available after the mentioned period.
  • Order of Purity tradition grants -2% Building cost, -25% Terraform time, +10% Terraform bonus to all aliance members.
  • Order of Harmony tradition grants -3% Research time, -2% Research cost, -5% Megastructure time to all aliance members.
  • Order of Supremacy tradition grants -2% Fleet cost, -2% Defense cost, +25% Looted resources to all aliance members.
  • Masteries have been reset on all alliances.
  • Alliance member limit without Warden has been reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Warden Mastery now costs Dark Matter instead of resources.
  • Buildings
    • Buildings that can not be built by any means are not displayed in Building page (e.g., Gaian planet does not display mega mines, while a hot planet only displays mega metal mine.)
    • Removed Paradise Dome. Dark Matter have been refunded.
    • Moon District fields have been reduced from 10 to 5.
    • Spaceport does not provide fields.
    • Spaceport production has been modified. It now produces basic game production (increased per level) instead of proportional production based on moon planet production.
    • Mega Mines requires their respective resource research at level 10.
    • Mega Power Plant requires Graviton Research at level 3
    • Mothership will be a single ship (capped to 1), unique, rather than an aglomeration of multiple ships.
    • Mothership will have experience, which per level it increases its own power. This is available only when Mothership is a unique ship (i.e., capped to 1).
    • Mothership cost to build, while capped to 1, is not generic but based on installed modules.
    • Mothership cost to build, while capped to 1, can not be reduced. That means, high tier modules will increase mothership cost, but removing modules will not decrease the cost.
    • Mothership do not count towards Statistics.
    • Removed upkeep from Mothership while it is capped to one. That means, in any moment that Mothership becomes uncapped, upkeep may return.
    • Modules does not rely on Ancient Technology to be given to player (read Research sector)
    • Science Sentry will only display storage fill percentage instead of exact resource amount while planet has not been spied in last hour.
    • The Officier system have been heavily reworked and renamed to Academy. The Academy is where you hire Officiers for your empire development. They can be assigned to your planets or your fleets, and consequently, improve your empire. Officiers when assigned to certain tasks, bonuses related to the task assigned may be improved (you will notice it with green text on the bonus). There are 4 main types of officiers:
      • "Seeker" class, specified for exploration and provides unique bonuses when assigned to fleet, research and expedition ships
      • "Counselor" class, focused on improving your overall empire and it is related with megastructure, terraforming and budget costs of development
      • "Overseer" class focused on planet development and aims to the resource production, time reduction, storage and development of defense
      • "Guardian" class, focused on improving a wide features of fleeting and ship properties. They get experience when they are assigned to a task
    • Officiers get experience when they are assigned to a task. Building, research, on shipyard, fleeting or expedition are the tasks needed for their improvement. Plus, older they are in age, lower are the experience they acquire.
    • An officier can reach a maximum of level 10. When they level up, they may improve the existing bonuses and add a new random bonus.
    • It is possible to lose Academy officiers: when they get too old or they die while on fleet or expedition.
    • Players can only hire up to 5 officiers. More officiers can be hired when upgrading Intergalactic Research Network technology
    • Classic Officiers have been removed from the game and Premium Optimizations have been heavily reworked:
      • General: +100% Attack, +100% Defence, +100% Shield
      • Geologist: +10% Production of Resources, +25% Resource storage
      • Engineer: -15% Construction Time, -5% Building cost
      • Minister of Defence: -10% Defense Building time, -5% Defense cost
      • Technocrat: -10% Research time, +50% Production of Energy, -5% Research cost
      • Minister: +3.00 Fleet Slots, -10% Terraform time, +10% Terraform bonus
      • Scientist: +25% Ships storage, -15% Flying time, +25% Phalanx range, -20% Megastructure time
      • Admiral: -10% Ship Building time, -5% Fleet cost
      • Navigator: +2.00 Expeditions, +25% Expedition Found, -15% Expedition time
      • Conqueror: +10% Ringworld boost, +20% Sentry boost, +10% Dyson boost, +10% Decompressor boost, -20% Habitat boost.
    • Because Classic Officiers have been removed, Dark Matter have been returned to players' accounts.
    Random events
    • A new range of events have been added ingame that can impact negatively or positively your planets (such meteor rain (reduce fields), earthquake (reduces prod.), improved flora (increases prod.), etc.
    • Added Climate Restoration: 1% bonus from Terraform bonuses per level. This requires a new terraforming to take effect.
    • Added World Shaper: +2 fields on all planets per level.
    • Added Tachyon Sensors: +2% Sensor Phalanx range per level.
    • Hyperspace Technology: -1% Expedition time per level.
    • Ancient technology has been replaced to Mega-Engineering (unlocks megastructures and -1% Megastructure time creation per level).
    • Mega-Engineering does not require (although it is possible) to be acquired from Expedition.
    • Mega-Engineering requires University level 1, Research lab level 20, Intergalactic Research Network level 10.
    • Resource will be changed as global production modifier rather than local production modifier. To clarify, global production "tag" modifies the production AFTER all bonuses were calculated (e.g., Paradise Dome --> removed in new patch). Local production "tag" only modifies the resource production after mine calculation.
    OGame Classes
    • Renamed Collector to Miner.
    • Renamed General to Raider.
    • Added Ringworld production bonus to Miner.
    • Added Terraform bonus to Miner.
    • Added Habitat boost to Raider.
    • Added Sentry boost to Explorer.
    • Added Gaian Colonization to Explorer.
    • Crawler ship now produces 0.02% of producing resources like OGame.
    • Avatar and Black Moon have been temporarily removed until future balance. The ships still exists in respective owner planets, but they can not fly neither be part of battles.
    • Terraform has been heavily reworked. There are now 4 main classes: Special, Hot, Cold and Temperate. Special planets may be present with unique features or very high resource production, while other three have mines or specific buildings associated to them.
    • Terraform cost algorithm has been modified: Maximum Production * square root of time taken in seconds.
    • Gaian planet now can have up to 35% bonus production from each resource.
    • Machine planet now can have up to 50% bonus Metal and 100% bonus Energy.
    • Hot planets (Desert, Arid and Savanna) now can have up to 50% bonus Metal.
    • Cold planets (Arctic, Alpine and Tundra) now can have up to 35% bonus Crystal.
    • Temperate planets (Tropical, Continental and Oceanic) now can have up to 20% bonus Deuterium.