March major patch

Last updated in March 5

On 03. Mar 2020, 15:52:32 by Stellaron

  • Reworked Spy mission to match with current OGame standards. Game speed now affects total of enemy ships that may detect your spy probes.
  • Reworked Guardians for more balanced power, structure and shield.
  • Reworked Rapidfire
  • Fixed an exploit where sending Megaengineers through Galaxy Page would not apply wait build time of megastructure.
  • Fixed missinformation on Battle Report when the attack is made by ACS
  • Added Celestial Body Modifiers - planets may have unique attributes upon colonization or artificially applied by you.
  • Added Quick Attack Order if you do not want to search for possible coordinates. This Quick Attack order attacks the target you want in exchange of Dark Matter, but you do not get information about coordinates.
  • Added new event: Awaken Empire
  • Added new ship: Colossus
  • Added new technology: Interstellar Logistics - this technology aims to benefit the merge of duplicated ships
  • Unification of duplicated content like Recyclers, Cargoes and Resource storages
  • Players no longer have free planet slots without Expedition technology
  • Megastructures are now capped to one of each. Old universes players no longer can colonize or develop megastructures.
  • Sentry buff: If colonized on position 1-5, checks 1-5 galaxies. Else, checks 6-10 galaxies. Sentry superiority: players can not be seen if sentry tech is superior (But not identical), instead of spy tech.
  • Decompressor buff: No more storage limit. Endless production.
  • Dyson buff: Production is again based on galaxy resource bonus
  • Habitat nerf: To move Habitat ship, player must have 10% of deuterium needed to move with ships stationed to certain coordinates
  • Habitat buff: access to default mines
  • Ringworld buff: Unique building that modify percentual production (not total, increased from mines). It will also get the mine from Gaian planet (after all, Ringworld is perfect)
  • Ringworld and Habitat buff on production while created
  • Removed megastructure penalties
  • Building to protect resources (Dens)
  • Nerf on Spy ships (only spy, nothing else)
  • Return of Guardians rewards (as planet modifiers and not as buildings like before)
  • Seasonal ranked system - each week, there will be a task (e.g., most spent resources, debris recycled, technology developed, etc...) similar to medal system, where at the end players are rewarded
  • Rework of Pirate behaviour, only attack if there is real deal. Also buff Pirate technology to be identical to records.
  • Different expeditions will have shared expedition slot, rather than having X slots for DM collector, X slots for Expeditions, X slots for archaeology
  • Remove the automated technology and cap the automated tools since this tool was meant to help players, not to let the server play the game for the player