December Updates & Patches: Decompressor

Balance Update for Custom Ship

On 31. Dec 2018, 01:00:00 by Stellaron

New in-game content
  • - Vault - users can request resource loan and have a period to pay. Not paying under time limit will LIMIT GLOBAL resource production to 20% until it's totally paid.
  • - Daily Missions
  • - Fleet Templates - create your own preset template to send quick fleet

Interface Changes
  • - Fixed building pages refresh to initial popup instead of built popup
  • - Removed inserted user ship quantity from Battle Simulator, instead, he can see the amount of ships able to be sent

Ancient Technology
  • - Removed University level 1 requirement from Ancient Technology
  • - First level of Ancient Technology can only be acquired after player find the research on Expedition Mission. This balance new players and regular players.

  • - Resource production from specific Megastructure mines has been increased by 2.5x
  • - Each megastructure will have their own shield with same power as Orbital Defence Platform
  • - Megastructures can be targeted for Destroy Mission, just like Moons.
  • - Removed Buildings from Dyson Sphere and Science Sentry.
  • - Science Sentry and Dyson Sphere bonuses can be upgraded through Research.
  • - Dyson Dark Matter production is made like a basic resource instead of given the total amount after one hour.
  • - NEW : Matter Decompressor - Uses Dark Matter per hour in order to produce additional resources.
    • - This megastructure can not be attacked neither used for fleet
    • - You can only build transport ships on this planet
    • - This megastructure can not use Resource/Fleet Collector

  • - Removed Planetary Administration building
  • - Megastructures without Buildings access won't have any building requirement.
  • - Removed Megastructure Research

Custom Ship and Defense
  • - Reworked Mothership inventory
  • - Added new modules and design templates.
  • - Modules can be sold for resources instead of Dark Matter.
  • - Purchasing Modules from Officiers tab has been changed.
    • - OLD: Each page refresh would give different modules at different prices
    • - NEW: Each player have their own modules shop. The shop refreshes every night and only displays modules not won from expeditions.

  • - Only Planet, Moon, Ringworld and Habitat ship requires Alliance Depot for allied stationary ships. Other megastructures are free to station.
  • - Fallen Empires will be temporarly disabled from the game at least for the first week.
  • - Conquest Mission has been temporarly removed.
  • - Players can colonize on Black Holes, systems dominated by Dyson Sphere/Ringworld but there are penalties
    • - Colonizing on such systems will reduce to half the bonus of resource a planet may have.
    • - Terraforming will only grant 60% of expected bonus.

Bug Fix
  • - Fixed an error where new motherships would not have rapidfire.
  • - Fixed an error on fight where Motherships would not attack each other because they did not have mutual rapidfire.
  • - Fixed Fleet system giving "No missions" if you forgot to select, by accident, a megastructure.
  • - Fixed free moon bug from Overview page if the colony has no resource production
  • - Fixed resource bonus inherited to planet, which caused certain moved colonies lose resource bonus
  • - Fixed an error where correct events were not being triggered on Expedition Mission