January Updates & Patches: Fortress

Major update since January

On 29. Apr 2019, 02:00:00 by Stellaron

The news update is not yet complete.

New Universe
  • 29 April or 1 May
New in-game content
  • Added language pack: Japanese.
  • Updated language pack: German, Portuguese.
Ecumenopolis Moon
  • This is exclusive of a moon and can only be created from legit debris attack with a very low chance. (that means can not be made through Terraform or friendly raid for moon generation).
  • Buildings:
    • Spaceport: Resource production from planet is sent into moon
    • Moon District: It turns your moon into an habitable planet. It provides resource and storage per level.
Fortress Megastructure and Alliance Changes
  • The Fortress Megastructure is our first megastructure that is shared by all alliance players. This unique megastructure allows to modify multiple bonuses for players.
  • Mastery System: Players can buy "alliance" Officier levels with resources.
  • Where the Fortress is built, nearby planets benefit by the Fortress style: Turtle (defense), Raider (attack), Miner (resources):
    • Nearby planets: Alliance player: 100% bonus granted, Non-alliance player: 50% bonus granted, Alliance enemy (at war): 0% bonus granted;
    • Raiders Tradition: +100% Attack, Ships are 5% cheaper, 10% less Fleet Deuterium consumption;
    • Turtles Tradition: +100% Defence, +100% Shield, Defenses are 5% cheaper, Defense power is increased by 35%;
    • Miners Tradition: +25% Production of Resources, Buildings are 5% cheaper, Your ships does increased damage against event targets.
  • Fortress megastructure activity is shared by all players.
  • Fortress is acquired in Alliance Page (no mission is required to create it like other megastructures).
  • Players can now only choose between custom ship or custom defense. When they create one, it starts as custom ship, but can be changed anytime with cooldown. This cooldown is the sum of all installed modules.
  • Reduced (a lot) some modules power.
  • Players can now change their Mothership name.
  • Modified the custom ship upkeep:
    • OLD: An unit of ship was reduced per second, as long the planet can't sustain the resource upkeep;
    • NEW: If the planet has less than a minute of inactivity, each second of inactivity withdraws 0.5% of current amount of custom ships. If the planet inactivity is higher than a minute, each minute will remove 10% of current amount of custom ships;
    • EXAMPLE: Player Demo has 1000 motherships stored in Planet 1:1:1. He can't support the custom ship maintenance because he lacks of metal, and he has an emergency which he needs to leave the game. He returns an hour later and check he only has 729 ships. But if he leaves for 30 seconds, he will see that remains 860 ships.
  • Events now are categorized as "Shared" or "Unique":
    • Shared: The target is shared by all players and they have all the same coordinates (e.g., Pirate Hunt).
    • Unique: The target is unique to each player. Located at different coordinates (e.g., Space Dragon).
  • Added: Ice Asteroids event:
    • Type: Shared;
    • When attacked: is destroyed;
    • Rewards: Deuterium.
  • Added: Hive Asteroids event:
    • Type: Shared;
    • This event has defenses;
    • When attacked: is destroyed;
    • Rewards: Dark Matter.
  • Added: Automated Dreadnought event:
    • Type: Shared;
    • This event has defenses;
    • When attacked: moves to nearby systems;
    • After an hour: moves its coordinates to different galaxy;
    • Negative effect: On the system where it's standing, it destroys one level of random building, on each planet (if attacked);
    • Movement effect: Moves to nearby system if attacked. Changes coordinates on hour change, if attacked.
    • Rewards: Gives to player unique custom ship modules or a ship.
  • Added: Stellarite Devourer event:
    • Type: Unique;
    • This event has defenses;
    • Negative effect: When attacked, it reduces the production of the system where it is standing.
    • Movement effect: Stays on same position if attacked. Changes coordinates on hour change, if attacked.
    • Rewards: It gives a large bonus of resources (50/60%) on that system (does not stack with other Event bonuses). Unique modules or unique ship.
  • Added: Spectral Wrath event:
    • Type: Unique;
    • This event has defenses;
    • When attacked: moves to nearby systems;
    • After an hour: moves its coordinates to different galaxy;
    • Negative effect: Ships does less damage against Spectral Wrath on fight;
    • Rewards: Gives temporary boost of Research Speed, Attack and Energy. Unique modules or unique ship.
  • The daily/weekly random mission gives to player a random challenge (build, raid, research...) that is different between players.
  • The tutorial mission has been reordered and merged with Masters Builders mission. Now players have a choice to select if they want to play full tutorial to learn OGame basics, a tutorial for Stellaron content only or play without tutorial:
    • Full tutorial: Player starts from Basic Supply;
    • Stellaron only: Terraformer.
Balance Changes
  • Major percentage changes in Atmosphere.
  • Mega mines can be found in planets.
  • Moon base, Phalanx and Jumpgate have been removed from Ringworld.
Bug Fix
  • Daily Mission 3 were giving outdated/locked modules that could not be equipped.
  • Some missions would not give rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where Ancient Technology didn't have 100% chance to be found when player was on correct mission from Tutorial.
  • Fixed custom ship image would not change because Cloudflare custom purge was not called.
  • Fixed abusive amount of Dark Matter generated by Dyson Sphere because each level of Dyson Blueprints were giving 10% additional Dark Matter instead of 1%.
  • Fixed Space Dragon Event could give modules that weren't Space Dragon unique.
  • Fixed Rapidfire details were showing all custom ships instead player's ship.