May Updates & Patches

Last updated in May 24

On 06. May 2019, 14:07:23 by Stellaron

May 1
  • Fixed tradition selection was not possible due to small data storage from database
  • Fixed moons could not handle new ship data
  • Fixed colony field size
  • Fixed SUMMER voucher could not be activated
May 2
  • Improved Sentry with Galaxytool feature: Targets spied in last hour, Sentry can see resources, buildings and ships
  • Fixed getting Fortress bonuses would reduce the performance of Buildings, Research and Shipyard page
  • Fixed when user attacked System planet that was not an asteroid, would lose Protection Status
  • Fixed looted asteroid was not removed from galaxy
  • Fixed unused statistics class in Galaxy Page that could give fatal error for new players
May 6
  • Fixed lag caused by Statistics Page due to unused assets of Fallen Empires from older universes, which would cause huge database stress
  • Fixed Destroy Mission count, as defender, every in-game mothership rather own player mothership
  • Fixed Dyson could generate negative Dark Matter if systems gives bad bonus resources
May 7
  • Players can create up to 5 megastructures of each type and self-created megastructures may have penalties (this does not apply to megastructures conquered from Fallen Empires). Starting at level 4, each two levels of the megastructure research you want to build (similar to colony slots) gives one slot of that megastructure. (e.g., Ringworld Tech at level 4 = +1 slot, level 6 = +1 slot ...)
  • Create megastructure fleet time is increased according to the number of megastructures you own
  • Decompressor Megastructure won't consume Dark Matter
  • Decompressor Megastructure can not be boosted by percentage
  • Penalty is only applied to the second megastructure built by it's type, and the value is higher more the megastructures you own.
  • Ringworld and Habitat Penalty
    1. colonized: 0% additional build cost
    2. colonized: 5% additional build cost
    3. colonized: 10% additional build cost
    4. colonized: 15% additional build cost
    5. colonized: 20% additional build cost
  • Science Sentry Penalty
    1. colonized: 0% less systems seen
    2. colonized: 5% less systems seen
    3. colonized: 10% less systems seen
    4. colonized: 15% less systems seen
    5. colonized: 20% less systems seen
  • Dyson Sphere Penalty
    1. colonized: 0% less Dark Matter produced
    2. colonized: 15% less Dark Matter produced
    3. colonized: 30% less Dark Matter produced
    4. colonized: 45% less Dark Matter produced
    5. colonized: 60% less Dark Matter produced
  • Decompressor Penalty
    1. colonized: 0% less Resources produced
    2. colonized: 15% less Resources produced
    3. colonized: 30% less Resources produced
    4. colonized: 45% less Resources produced
    5. colonized: 60% less Resources produced
May 10
  • Fixed daily mission could not give resources or dark matter. Dark matter has been returned to all accounts. To recover resources, please send support ticket with the daily mission reward report
  • Fixed Mothership build bug where only a single unit cost consumes resources instead of number of ships built. Players where by accident or bugabused lost all motherships and there is no recovery of resources, since the bug was easy to spot and there was no reports.
  • Fixed "Quick Colonization" button could use more slots than the maximum fleet slots allowed by player
May 11
  • Removed events and allies from Sentry list
  • Fixed color scheme for allies and events in Galaxy
  • Fixed Megastructure penalties were not counting order by colonization
  • Fixed Fallen generated planets could not apply a star and resources to Star System, generating errors
May 14
  • Megastructure: Mega Art Institute
  • Fixed conflict between megastructure creation and event missions
May 24
  • Fixed Habitat could lose biome bonus when Dyson fails on star manipulation experiment
  • Fixed when alliance owner use fleet and resource collector, it could take resources from Alliance Fortress