June Updates & Patches

Last updated in June 23

On 25. Jun 2019, 00:56:39 by Stellaron

June 9
  • Fixed an error where Spy Missions fleet lock when target does not exist (very common with Event missions where players spy the target on hour-change time, where coordinates are affected)
  • Fixed an error on Attack where players that would spent resources on exact mission of attack hit would cause fleet lock
June 10
  • Fixed Protection Planets could appear on Temporary Bonus Gateway (which would cause players could not use again protection planets)
  • Fixed when alliance owner wanted to harvest resources/fleet, it could see data from Alliance Fortress (although it can not collect it)
  • Fixed force reload when required on popups (such Harvest functions)
  • Fixed slow page speed on Empire Page while querying ship distance for Harvest Fleet
  • Fixed Alliance Fortress could use Harvest buttons
  • Fixed Alliance home page displaying unavailable officiers to level up from Fortress
June 11
  • Added Terraform to Moons
  • Added Paradise Dome to Megastructures
  • Removed Ecumenopolis restriction from Spaceport and Moon Districts
  • Reduced Ecumenopolis terraform percentage from 35% to 15%
June 15
  • Players can now change their ship name and description
  • Players can now move Main Planet coordinates, but it has doubled cost
  • Target planet owner is now displayed on Spy Report
  • Fixed Dyson page error when he was destroyed by unsucessful experiment
  • Fixed Scrap button from Custom ship would not work if player had exactly 3 units of same module
  • Fixed if player had Dyson Sphere, Matter Decompressor or Science Sentry above 5 built, it would have 100% penalty effect rather than maximum of 80%/75%/50%, respectively. So far, building additional megastructures after level 10 are only possible if player is rewarded by additional level through expedition or daily reward. We pretend to remove the level limit very soon
June 17
  • Added "Warden" Mastery to Alliance Page - each level of this mastery increases an additional slot for maximum members
  • Added requriments to Spaceport (Moon Base level 1)
  • Added requriments to Paradise Dome (Terraform level 1)
  • Traditions can now be changed every month at the cost of 200.000 units of Dark Matter
June 23
  • Replaced 3D library (Three.js to Babylonjs)
  • Added Display tab on Settings Page
  • Added planet identifier on Planet list
  • Added Missions on planet list