July Updates & Patches

Last updated in July 15

On 15. Jul 2019, 22:36:57 by Stellaron

July 14
  • Fixed Star generation from event missions could affect universe 1 but delete system from universe 2
  • Fixed Dyson Sphere transformation not applying proper universe
  • Enabled weak mode on universe 2
  • Applied production penalties for players with Pirate status or below
  • Added system files for Rift Event (Uni 1 and 2)
  • Fixed records displacement for different universes
  • Added color identifiers on Fleet Page to select a planet
July 15
  • Fixed Voting could only affect one universe reward/cooldown rather than affecting both universes on same account
  • Fixed System account could have technology and officier power, which would give unrealistic simulations compared to attacks
  • Fixed buildings being displayed in wrong tabs.
  • Fixed Habitat could not build Deuterium Power Plant because it does not have Deuterium Refinery unlocked.
  • Fixed Fallen Empire using records based on existing Fallen structures/planets rather than players. Because that would be too powerful, Fallen Empire uses own player fleet rather than global records fleet (in case you have no fleet, it automatically generates one on target). The difficulty raises according to players' fleet position.
  • Fixed multiuniverse fleeting when player is under protection
  • Fixed Paradise Dome resources could not been seen in Resource page
  • Fixed small maximum value of fleet/defense build on Universe 2
  • Updated Dark Matter rewards through Voting system and increased cooldown time on Arenatop100
  • Added new HUD/Display settings: Shorten number
  • Rift Event
  • Harvest Spread Resources