August Updates & Patches

Last updated in September 1

On 01. Sep 2019, 02:00:00 by Stellaron

  • Added Temperature modifier into Terraforming
  • Added Maintenance Penalty preview on Resource Page
  • Added debris to Guardians. Because Guardians are an event target shared by all players, debris of a single fight can only be collected if fleet composition has Recyclers or Battle Recyclers and must have survived the fight, otherwise debris are lost. The debris formed on the fight are from player fleet exclusively, this means the guardian does not form any debris by its destruction.
  • Added select all units on Battle Simulator page
  • Added fleet shortly counter near on Fleet Table
  • Added Refreal link to support multi universe
  • Added Shared Battlereports on Message page
  • Added Task Reward per Tutorial mission
  • Added more information about ships and defense when you click on them
  • Fixed Terraforming cost could be bypassed by reducing planet production
  • Fixed changed behaviour of Pirates could not start their attacks against player
  • Fixed inverted maintenance penalty on resource production from Fallen Megastructures (e.g., 75% penalty was working as 25% penalty instead) - it's highly recommended you refresh your planet production (100% to 0%, then 0% to 100%) to take effect
  • Fixed Decompressor not applying resource production maintenance penalty
  • Fixed renamed Fallen Empires could not lose the "conquered" identifier, which would cause conquered planets being not revealed on galaxy (only 9 planets had this issue)
  • Fixed Ascension ship allocation using records from Universe 1 rather than use records from player universe
  • Fixed Dark Matter and Energy cost could not display total cost to build on Buildings and Research page
  • Fixed Storage bonus not being modified on planet when it's changed by Officiers or any other external feature that is not storage building itself.
  • Fixed Guardian generation message saying "(Guardian name) Fallen Empire" while isn't a fallen empire
  • Improved internal query speeds on the following features: Checking bash on planet, Checking bash on user, Asteroid, Gateway, Prosperity refresh, Attack mission, Conquest mission, Mothership page
  • Fixed Space Dragon could reduce planet fields to lower than 0
  • Fixed Guardians could not return a battle report when player is defending their attack
  • Fixed Pardise Dome showing wrong resource production on Resource Page when mothership upkeep is higher than resource production
  • Fixed "An Awaken Empire" quest not being counted properly with change of empire spawn trigger
  • Fixed when there are no flying fleets on Fleet page, redirect to "Send fleet" tab instead of default "Overview" tab
  • Increased planet per page on Empire page
  • Reworked Fleet multi-wave send into Fleet step 2 rather than clicking on "Replicate"
  • Reworked Paradise Dome
    • Old: Per level, adds 1% to Planet Biome Resource Bonus
    • New: Produces resources: + (building level)% of total resource production (applying officiers and penalties)