September Updates & Patches

Last updated in December 29

On 30. Sep 2019, 02:00:00 by Stellaron

  • This is exclusive of a moon and can only be created from legit debris attack with a very low chance. (that means can not be made through Terraform or friendly raid for moon generation).
  • Buildings:
    • Fixed percent on unique buildings not work properly when disabled
    • Fixed fortress from different universes being displayed on galaxy
    • Fixed very exceptional cases where planets with very negative temperatures would produce negative energy from Solar Satelite
    • Fixed quick resource trader not working properly. The price has been increased to 500 Dark Matter.
    • Fixed Archeology mission being sent even if player does not have one Dark Matter collector
    • Fixed Records display global game record rather than universe record
    • Added temperature effect on Resource page
    • Added Quick Attack to galaxy
    • Fixed in-game error message when user finish the tutorial
    • Fixed Asteroid Blast Door mission on task "Command Center" generating wrong URL to resume the mission
    • New planet, ring and habitat receives proportional buildings of records, according to the planet type
    • Fixed Empire Page, when checking certain planet information, triggers error due to last changes on Upgrade Buildings/Ships/Defense on all Planets
    • Extended Synthetic freeze their functions after user inactivity from 15 minutes to 4 hours
    • Fixed Phalanx attack row bug (displays the different ACS attacks but in wrong times)
    • Fixed Battlesim and Attack on ACS returning empty values for non-attack owner